3 Fitness Buzzwords That Drive Me Insane!

Anyone who has read more than of my articles already knows how much I hate poorly researched health advice, over-hyped programs, and deceitful product advertising.

I am all for people doing their best to spread health and fitness wisdom, or come up with products that satisfy a real need, but if your entire goal is to make a profit off the backs of people’s insecurities then I probably find you contemptible.

And if you are trying to trick people into believing they will achieve quick results as long as they pay three installments of $29.99, only to then offer them your next latest and greatest product that you are “crazy to reveal to the public”?

Well, then I hate everything about you and I want to Batman Judo-Chop you in the throat!

The people that do this aren’t interested in helping people reach their goals, and they don’t have their best interests at heart; they are just trying to line their pockets with fat cash.

Fortunately loyal readers, I’m here to protect you from this nonsense!

“Targets Your Problem Areas!”

Fitness Buzzwords - The Jerd 2

Tell me if any of these sound familiar.

  • An at home contraption that “targets your core and burns belly fat.
  • Fitness magazine articles with titles like “5 ways to get rid of flabby arms!
  • DVD fitness programs with the “killer ab workout that will flatten your stomach!

I am willing to bet that, unless you have been living under a rock, you have seen your fair share of these claims.

That sounds great right? So what’s the problem?

First and foremost, these magazines and programs are designed to sell magazines and programs… not to actually get you fit and in shape.

If you did, then you’d stop dumping money on their products!

I know you aren’t going to like it, but here is the uncomfortable truth…

You can’t target your belly or arm fat, no matter how hard you try.

There, I said it. I wish that weren’t the case, I wish I could sell you a program that worked the way all these snakeoil salesmen claim.

You cannot spot reduce fat from anywhere on your body. There is only ONE way to target your belly or arm fat, and that is to target all of it through eating right and creating a calorie deficit.

And here is the real kicker; your genetics are going to determine where you lose fat first. As people lose weight, it is going to fall off their body in a pretty random way. For some it might come off their shoulders first and stomach last, and others might lose it first from their butt first and then their arms. I wish I could tell you otherwise, but it is pretty random.

So stop going to the gym and doing endless sit ups, hours on an elliptical, and then hopping on the ab machines.

Instead, focus on getting stronger using total body exercises. That way, as you eat better and burn calories, your core is getting stronger and those superhero abs you want will be there, ready to go, when you lose enough fat!

“Get Toned!”

Fitness Buzzwords - The Jerd 3

The advertising genius who came up with this bullsh*t term deserves an award, because it is highly effective at convincing legions of people to workout incorrectly!

If I had a dollar for every well-meaning woman who told me that they want to get in shape, but just wants to “get toned” and not bulky and “mannish”… well, I am pretty sure would finally be able to afford to hire a scientist to build me a working suit of Iron Man armor.

Look, I don’t blame them.

Every single magazine, book, fitness product, infomercial, etc… uses the word “tone” or “toning” and is full of ripped fitness models showing exercises that in no way contributed to their current level of fitness. So of course, after a while, the brain-washing does it job.

But here’s the aggravating truth – “Muscle tone” doesn’t mean anything!

I mean we all know what people mean when they say it, because we all have had it hammered into our skulls. When people say it they mean lean, strong, and firm, right?

The issue here is that the programs marketed to achieve that “toned” look, well, they won’t make you lean, strong, or firm!

It is so frustrating.

So put down the five-pound dumbbells, and stop doing hundreds of repetitions of the same exercise. And while you’re at it, slap the ever-living crap out of anyone who tells you “Don’t pick up anything heavy; that’s how you get bulky!”

Do you really want the “toned” look? Then combine strength training (with heavy weights) and clean eating.

There you go, mystery solved.

The fact is, by lifting heavy weights for low reps, you will develop tight, dense muscles… which is the exact look people want. So go pick up something heavy!

And remember, you can’t pack on muscle weight unless you are taking in more calories than you burn (a calorie surplus;) so just be sure to eat the right amount of calories and everything will be fine.

Are we clear here?

“Muscle Confusion!”

Here’s something that really grinds my gears and makes me want to “Hulk smash!

When I walk into the gym and see some trendy personal trainer making a client do combination squats and overhead thrusters while balancing on a bosu ball.

They will tell you that the more muscles working at the same time, the more confused they will be, the harder your body has to work, and therefore the better the results.

While this might sounds great in theory, it’s unnecessary.

When we tax our muscles, by picking up a weight or moving it vigorously, they are getting pushed outside of their comfort zone; which means they are being broken down and will grow back stronger. You don’t need to do multiple exercises at once, or switch your workout every day, to get in shape.

You want to build muscle?

Muscle is built by increasing the load you place on your body, which forces it to adapt. So go to the gym and perform simple, compound movements. Then, every time you work out, add another rep/set/pound to your routine.

There’s no need to confuse anything!

Look, I am not saying you won’t see success with some programs that purport “muscle confusion.”

Think about it for a second. Programs like these usually require something like 90 minutes a day for six days a week, along with some serious diet re-programming.

[sarcasm] So I wonder why people see success? Could it be because they are working out non-stop and changing their diets? [/sarcasm]

But it doesn’t have to be that way, and it certainly has nothing to do with “muscle confusion.

If you get stronger, your appearance will follow suit.

So just follow a program that focuses on a few key compound movements, clean up your diet, and watch your body transform.

I know it might be boring; but you will progress faster, and see progress easier. Not to mention, going to the gym should not be an exercise in “Trainertainment.” You are there for a purpose, so get in and get out.

Remember the sixth law of the Jerd-Herd“We train smarter, not harder!”

The Sad Truth of it All

Fitness Buzzwords - The Jerd 5

Pretty much everything most people think they know about fitness is a lie.

Luckily, I am here to help you sort through the nonsense and get to the basic truth:

  1. Most fitness buzzwords are nonsense. They are made up to sell you things you don’t need, not get you healthy or in shape.
  2. There’s no perfect workout routine. Motivation, consistency, and momentum will get you where you want to go.
  3. Forgo the supplements. Nutrition comes from real food.
  4. You can get in shape without a gym membership. There are definitely effective workouts you can do from home!
  5. If the claims sound too good to be true, they probably are.

I do my absolute best to give you all the resources you need here at The Jerd! No hype, no buzzwords, no memberships required. Just sound diet advice, healthy and easy to follow recipes, and simple workout routines.

So thanks for being here! Thanks for reading, sharing, and commenting. I know it is going to be hard to right the wrongs of the fitness marketing industry, but I feel like it is my duty to try… and each and every one of you helps me get the word out!

What fitness buzzwords drive you nuts? What other marketing nonsense should we fight? Let me know in the comments below!

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