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Ahoy there loyal readers (who I obviously am assuming are perusing this site from some sort of naval vessel)!

I wanted to take a moment to keep you up to date on the latest ways I am trying to help you, and the geek world at large, get healthier! We have three things in the works here, each with a slightly different focus, in different stages of completion. So here is what you can look forward to in the days and months to come!



This is a collaboration I am ridiculously excited about!

I have partnered up with the geektastic Shaun and Laura Rosado from to help document their journey to a healthier lifestyle and weight. Every week I will be joining them on a podcast we are calling GeekFit, where we will be discussing things like goal setting, eating habits, how to deal with plateaus and really just how to not suck at eating (whether at home, while gaming or at a convention).

They will be documenting their journey with me on their site, giving you full access into their victories and setbacks (and I can’t applaud them enough for their attempt at public accountability). So if you want to follow along with a cool couple starting from the ground floor on their journey to a healthier life come join us. I promise we will be gentle… ish.

So let the sweet dulcet tones of my voice caress your earholes with some solid advice on how to get healthier. The first episode is live on iTunes or you can find it right here!

Heroes Transformation Diet Guide

More and more people are coming to me asking for advice on unlocking the superhero within;  while I will definitely continue to post articles on how to eat a clean, yet enjoyable, diet I wanted to bring it all together as an e-book and make it available.

So what I am doing now is penning a guide to help you along your journey to awesome! Among other things it will lay out:

  • My philosophy for eating clean
  • The science behind calories and how many you should eat. Science I tell you!
  • Tips on reading nutrition labels without getting suckered
  • Why sugar is probably beating the crap out of you from the inside
  • How to grocery shop for success
  • The basics of healthy, and tasty, cooking
  • How to tell a heroic meal from a villainous one

I am calling it the Heroes Transformation diet guide and all told I am expecting it to clock in at 60 pages or so. As of right now I am about 1/3rd of the way done and I am really excited at the way it is turning out! You can look for excerpts to be posted in the very near future.

Nerdcore Fitness

Now I know I have been promising new workouts for some time now, and I admit I have been slacking. My focus has been directed more toward motivation and diet (arguably the two most important aspects of fitness) of late, but I know you aspiring Jerds out there want some more workouts. I promise you, I aim to please!

I did some asking around and it seems the general consensus is that, in addition to photographs depicting the crucial moments during the exercises, videos would help people as well. So I will be including brief videos as well to assist you. Look for the 102 series of Nerd-Core Fitness workouts soon!  

Well that’s it right now for the new and exciting stuff coming your way… make sure to drop a comment and let me know what you are looking forward to or what sort of projects you want me to tackle for you! Also, be sure to follow me on Facebook or Twitter and make sure to Sign up for our free newsletter!





2 replies
  1. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    NICE WORK! You have melded all of your interests. Kudos to Shaun & Laura for being so brave about their process. I’ll be listening. Admittedly, it is very odd to hear your voice through my computer… a little creepy. I had to go put on a sweater. 🙂

    • TheJerd
      TheJerd says:

      I can’t say enough about how excited I am for Shaun and Laura’s bravery! Watching them grow (or should I say shrink?) is going to be a fun process for sure!

      Thanks for listening, and I agree. It is weird hearing my voice over the interwebz as well! I don’t put on a sweater though, I just light some candles and relax. Lol.


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