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The Jerd’s Other Projects:

Because writing and filming weekly fitness related content for Internet consumption isn’t enough!

Comic Corner Podcast LogoGeek Legacy Comic Corner Podcast – Every other week I host a comic book news and review show, “The Comic Corner“, as part of the Geek Legacy podcast empire! This is where I get to let my geek out and my co-host and I ramble on about the superheroes we all know and love (and a few maybe you don’t know!) So tune in every other Friday so I can pour some awesome-sauce directly into your ear-holes!

The greatest podcast ever produced!” – This one guy on the Internet somewhere

GeekFit - ShauncasticGeekFit @ Shauncastic – This weekly podcast, hosted by the fine folks over on the Shauncastic network, follows the journey of two life-long geeks who decided to finally stop neglecting their bodies as they pursued all the geeky things they love. I help guide them, and the listeners, along offering advice, tips and the occasional verbal smackdown as they work towards their goals for their audience.

I laughed, I cried, it changed my life!” – Some other guy on the Internet

Jerd ProductionsJerd Productions – Still in its infancy, this is where the super secret stuff will be going… right now, this where you can find exercise videos and insight into the land of magic that is my brain. Keep your eyes peeled for some really cool stuff coming your way soon!

Jerd, you have a good broadcasting face and voice!” – The very confused owner of HouseofFlyingScalpels.com

San Diego Comic-Con:

Seeing as this site was forged in the seething nerd cauldron known as SDCC, it only makes sense that I share with you all the best resources out there focused on the convention and fandom in general. Give them some love!

Crazy4ComicConCrazy 4 Comic-Con – The unofficial King of Comic-Con, Tony Kim, lays out every thing you need to know about how we nerds get down in sunny San Diego every year! If you are a first timer (or just looking to level-up your SDCC experience), you especially want pay attention to all the helpful tips he provides… they are top notch!


Englishman SDCCAn Englishman in San Diego – More news, coverage, analyses, diaries and VLOGs than you can shake a stick at, along with some great insight as to just what it is like traveling halfway around the world to attend the greatest convention on the planet. Not to mention a great place to keep up to date on U.K. conventions as well!


NerdyGirlieThe Nerdy Girlie – Whoever said geek girls are a myth is a moron! This site is making great strides building a community with for all nerds, not just the ladies, to come together and celebrate their individual fandoms. They also do a great job getting people as prepared as possible so that they can have a fantastic Comic-Con experience!


Entertainment of the Geekiest Order:

And where does the Mighty Jerd go on the interwebz to look for great content, inspiration, laughs and the occasional picture of a cat really cool stuff? Why, right here on these sites:

Geek Legacy – Great news and entertainment site for all that is geek! (also where your old pal the Mighty Jerd reviews geeky TV shows and waxes poetic on the topic of comic books)

Geek and Sundry – Probably one of my favorite collaborative endeavors at the moment (too many great web-series to list, go check them out!), and one of the inspirations for launching this site.

Geek Cred – I worked in a comic book store for years. I am pretty sure this a reality show. A hilarious, and awesome, reality show.

Save the Supers – Hilarious web series from the creator of “The Legend of Neil“. Watch it, love it, support it.

Smodcast.com – Author and Director Kevin Smith’s podcast empire (home to some of my favorite podcasts), the other inspiration for launching this site.

Stephen Janes – Home of the spectacularly nostalgic Retro Review videos. If you love video games, this is the place to go for a real enthusiast’s take!

Go check them out, and let them know the Mighty Jerd sent you!