The Avengers Workout

Avengers Workout

Captain America: The Winter Soldier opened this past weekend to great (and well-deserved) fanfare!

And each time a new Marvel movie is released, legions of geeks return to the proverbial well to re-watch all the cinematic superhero goodness that has come before.

Undeniably, the crown jewel of the “phase 1” Marvel Cinematic Universe is The Avengers. An incredible movie, and one that cemented the fact that high quality, epic superhero films are not only possible… but also financially lucrative beasts that are here to stay!

So why is slipping into the warm embrace of a fan favorite movie you have seen so many times so gosh-darned fantastic?

Well… first off, because the movie is ridiculously good. More importantly though is the fact that not only can you repeat the lines, but you already know what is going to happen; therefore you can multi-task during a viewing and not feel cheated! So why not turn this fan indulgence into an opportunity to further your own superhero physique with The Avengers Workout?!?

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New “Man of Steel” trailer is out…

Man of SteelThere was a lot of nerd-crying when the original teaser trailer for Man of Steel hit the interwebz (see it right here). People thought it looked too slow, too introspective… Personally I was looking forward to that sort of take on the Kryptonian mythos. To me Superman is unlike other superheroes; he isn’t human, he isn’t from this world, and his powers make him virtually a God among men. So his outlook on the world is very different, I have always pictured him as almost a tragic hero – the last of his people, with the burdens of an entire world weighing down on his shoulders.  

Luckily, while the latest trailer should put those initial fanboy concerns to rest it also still speaks to what is under the cape so to speak, which I feel will make for a very compelling story. I know it will be nice to see someone tackle how hard growing up must have been for young Clark Kent!

So here it is. Take a look and let me know what you think, will you be checking Man of Steel out? I know yours truly will be!




The Next X-Men Movie = Days of Future Past?!?!?

Good evening my little Jerdlets!

I know there has been an inordinate amount of movie chatter the past week or so, but it just seems that the news keeps dropping and catching my attention.  I promise to drop some life-coaching of the fitness variety on you later this… Ooooh look, shiny object!!

So it seems that today in an interview with IGN that Bryan Singer, executive producer of the X-Men films and director of the first two, confirmed that X-Men: Days of Future Past will be the title of the second X-Men: First Class movie, expected in theaters in 2014.  “Days of Future Past” was a two issue (#141 & 142) story written by Chris Claremont and illustrated by John Byrne in 1981 during what a lot of comic fans think of as the Golden Era of the X-Men.  It was these two issues that really set the tone for a dystopian future, where mutants are hunted and held in concentration camps, that has been a constant theme through the X-books ever since.  This is also the story where Sentinels were transformed into royal bad-asses.  While a pretty ground-breaking story for its time, it also dealt with a lot of topics that rarely seem to work in cinemaland.

Namely time travel and mind transference (think “Freaky Friday” or any other horrible movie where a parent and a kid swap bodies).

Now it is already a minefield if one of those bad boys makes it into a script; but both of them?!?!  Maybe they would act as some sort of cinematic double negative and cancel each other’s potential fail out? Can’t say I would bank on that unfortunately.  The thing is though, that I don’t think Matthew Vaughn will fall into those traps (time travel has to be a part of it, but to what extent?) which raises another potential issue… how much will he change the story???  The problem with these fan favorite story arcs from the comics is that they come with a large amount of fan expectation.  Change too much and you incite a lot of nerd-rage, don’t change enough to make the story transferable to the big screen, and accessible to the masses, then you have a box office failure.

Its a tough spot to be in for sure.  I wasn’t a big fan of “X-men: First Class“, and “X-men: The Last Stand” badly butchered another fan favorite storyline to the point of it almost being unrecognizable; so maybe one of my other favorite X-stories following it up will turn the franchise around for me? 

Let’s hear it X-fans…  how do you feel about Days of Future Past making it onto the big screen?




The Hobbit – A Trilogy?

So Peter Jackson just announced that his cinematic version of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” will be 3 movies, instead of 2.

See the announcement here

There is a part of me that wants to cheer.  There is an inherent sadness to great movie franchises, and that is that they eventually end.  A large part of the fan experience, the “geeking out” if you will, is the anticipation.  The wondering how they will put to screen your favorite scenes, the speculating with your friends, the camaraderie of waiting in line on opening night…  they all contribute to the overall experience.

So knowing that the experience of this book-to-film adaptation will carry-on longer, naturally excites my inner geek.   The more time I can sit in the theater watching Peter Jackson do justice to a book I have held oh so dear through almost my entire life has to be a good thing; right?

Hold your Wargs though.  “The Hobbit” runs 320 pages, while the entirety of “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy hits 1137 pages.  Think about that for a second, three movies to tell the very complicated main story and now three movies to tell the much simpler prequel which is a 1/4 of the page count.  The cynical in me feels as though this is being drawn out for monetary reasons, but perhaps this is really what a solid treatment of that classic book takes and in actuality it was “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy that was too short?

I am pretty conflicted over this news.  What are your thoughts on the Hobbit movie news?




Man of Steel Teaser Trailer Is Out!

Man of SteelI was a little bummed while I was at the San Diego Comic-Con 2012 that I missed the first look at Zak Snyder’s reboot of the Superman saga. While not really a Supes fan in the comics, I have some very fond childhood memories of Christopher Reeves striking a noble pose in that iconic costume. So if you haven’t seen the trailer being shown before The Dark Knight Rises already, it is up online now to watch.

I have to say, the score itself is inspiring. I have high hopes that they will hit this one right and recapture the magic and majesty that the 70’s version did.

Here it is. Take a look and let me know what you think, will you be seeing it when Man of Steel flies into theaters?