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7 New Year’s Resolution Mistakes You Are Probably Making (And How To Fix Them)!

Every new year I have multiple discussions about New Year’s resolutions.

Whether it is listening to friends talk about what they have planned, participating in discussions on social media, or pontificating here on this site about how you can stick to them.

It happens every.single.year.

So I figured this year I would let you all get started, let some of you fall off the wagon, and then swoop in like a superhero after the fact to point out some common mistakes you are probably making with your New Year’s resolutions.

In the sincere hope that I can help you avoid sucking at them, and get you back on track, if you need it.

So put down your Ultra-Green-HerbaCare-Superfood-Detox smoothie (because Detoxes are complete $#@%!) and let’s get into this!

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How Do I Help My Family Get Healthy?!?

Do you have someone in your life that you really worry about?

Someone who is unhealthy, on the road to serious health issues or consequences, and who doesn’t seem to care?

Do you want to help them but aren’t sure how to, or how they will take it?

You’re not alone!

This is something I have been thinking about a lot of late, and I wanted to address it with your help. So I am going to share my thoughts and ideas on the subject, but I sincerely want to hear what you guys think.

After reading this, I want to hear your thoughts. How do you think you would handle these situations?

Okay, now let’s dive into these perilous waters…

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Fitness Buzzwords - The Jerd 1

3 Fitness Buzzwords That Drive Me Insane!

Anyone who has read more than of my articles already knows how much I hate poorly researched health advice, over-hyped programs, and deceitful product advertising.

I am all for people doing their best to spread health and fitness wisdom, or come up with products that satisfy a real need, but if your entire goal is to make a profit off the backs of people’s insecurities then I probably find you contemptible.

And if you are trying to trick people into believing they will achieve quick results as long as they pay three installments of $29.99, only to then offer them your next latest and greatest product that you are “crazy to reveal to the public”?

Well, then I hate everything about you and I want to Batman Judo-Chop you in the throat!

The people that do this aren’t interested in helping people reach their goals, and they don’t have their best interests at heart; they are just trying to line their pockets with fat cash.

Fortunately loyal readers, I’m here to protect you from this nonsense!

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