Road Running Ettiquette - The Jerd

aka Don’t Be That Guy Part 2: The Wrath of Khan

Editors Note: Spring is here, and that means more and more fledgling runners will be taking to the streets… so I asked our resident runner, Brian Kehs, to give us another entry in the “Don’t Be That Guy” series. Enjoy!

A lot of customs have evolved in the sport of running.

Some seem really obvious, and a lot of them are just common sense. However a lot of new runners may not be aware of the etiquette that has become part of the sport.

We covered some race day etiquette previously, so let’s take at 6 golden rules when it comes to running on the road.

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How To Navigate The Grocery Store - The Jerd

Does grocery shopping intimidate you?

Do you often wonder how to separate the healthy from the not-so-much?

Do you ever leave the grocery store with more than you wanted and less of what you needed?

Well guess what?

You’re not alone!

Visiting the grocery store is a necessity, but without a little preparation it can be a difficult trip!

A majority of them feel like they have been set-up by super-villains; catering to every craving and emotional twinge you might have.

It’s going to take a bit of planning to enter these lairs of temptation, filled with their sweet treats, salty snacks, boxes upon boxes of unhealthy processed products, and survive with your wallet and diet intact.

Have no doubt, powerful marketing and eye-catching advertising is a dangerous foe!

So today I am going to show you how to approach grocery shopping with meticulous planning of the world’s greatest detective, Batman (Sorry Sherlock…) and cross the cashier line with a cart full of healthy food!

These 5 tips are guaranteed to help you avoid the common grocery store traps and make your next trip to the grocery store faster, cheaper and healthier!

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