An Interview with Ryon Day - The Jerd

An Interview with Ryon Day

Editor’s Note: This interview is long. So hella long in fact, that I almost thought about splitting it up into two or three parts; but I decided against it. You get it all at once! And if you just want to listen, the podcast version is embedded all the way at the end of the article too… enjoy!

Whenever possible I like to bring other people in to discuss their fitness philosophies with you, my fine readers. I do this for three distinct reasons:

  1. My views on fitness are just that, my views. I want to showcase as much positive stuff as possible
  2. I want to give you guys an occasional break from my awesome sarcastic ramblings
  3. Because I selfishly like hearing what other people have to say…

I say this because this week I sat down with Ryon Day, of Geek & Sundry and #TeamHooman notoriety.

I was lucky enough to meet him briefly at San Diego Comic-Con this year and he graciously agreed to sit down with me for what I thought would be a simple chat about fitness; and while we definitely talked about working out, and eating right, it turned into a wonderful discussion about what it means to be a geek, how to positively affect change in those around you, and how to love yourself.

So sit back and enjoy this very long, but fascinating, look into the geeky mind of a fit, and healthy, geek!

(Also, the full NSFW audio interview is available as well for those who want our voices in their ear-holes… see below!)

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5 Awesome Ways To Get Motivated To Work Out - The Jerd

5 Awesome Workout Motivation Tips!

Show of hands, who has ever wanted to skip a workout?

You… you too… you over there…

Well guess what? Me too!

We have all been there.

It’s not just you. It happens to us all, but when life tries to drain you of all your superpowers you can’t let it!

If we only worked out when we felt like it, or when we weren’t tired or stressed or too busy, we probably wouldn’t exercise very much at all.

There’s a reason we set our alarms for 5:30 in the morning and decline that tempting chocolate muffin! We’ve got goals. So for the days when the snooze button is just calling your name, or your goals just aren’t convincing enough, here are 5 way to get motivated and keep your eyes on the prize!
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We Are Back Baby - The Jerd

We’re Back, Baby!

I owe you all an apology.

Not updating for a month is unacceptable.

So, to all of you readers (especially those of you supporting the site on Patreon) out there, I am sorry!

With that being said, I am happy to finally unveil the new version of the site to you all.

While you might not notice a lot of differences, the new platform (designed by the amazing folks at Ariad Partners) gives me a lot more freedom in how I can deliver content, and I should hopefully streamline the process as well.

Which will give me more time to do awesome things and share them with you!

The downtime has allowed me to have some epic adventures with my friends and family, brainstorm a lot of new content I can’t wait unleash on you all, and work on a few super-secret projects I can’t reveal quite yet. Which I am super stoked about…

But enough about me, what have you been up to in the past few weeks?

Let me know in the comments below!

PS: If you want help becoming a real-life superhero, then make sure to get your copy of “The Heroes’ Transformation Guide and support the site. Don’t wait!

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