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I love to read.  

For as long as I can remember, I’ve devoured written words like they were the nectar of the Gods.

As a little Jerdling I always leaned much further toward arts and literature than math and science (a trend that has definitely continued on into adulthood). I still avoid math like the plague; but I read as much, and as often, as I can!

And while my bookshelves are all overflowing, believe it or no, I have found most of my reading occurs on an e-reader these days. At first I resisted, but the level of convenience having a huge library at your fingertips at all times just cannot be beat.

So thank you Kindle!

I’m going to go out on a limb and make the assumption that many of you out there love reading as much as I do…

And since we spend so much time focused on the physical, I thought it would be nice to flip the Jerd coin and look at the other side for a bit.

So here are some fitness, business and motivational books that have had a huge impact on me!

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2014 Year in Review!

by TheJerd on January 9, 2015

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2014 Year in Review - The Jerd

2014 was the year The Jerd got serious.

I started this site two and a half years ago, with absolutely no plan whatsoever, with the only goal being to help some of my nerd friends live a little bit healthier. Since then it has blossomed into something I am truly proud of!

While I’m preparing to take more steps toward Internet domination in 2015, I wanted to take a look back at 2014 and relish in all the cool things we’ve done!

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5 Things to Avoid During the Holidays - The Jerd

Nothing causes more angst than the holiday season, and holds even more true if you are trying to get in shape and/or lose weight.

So here are five more tips to help you conquer the holiday season like a boss; all the while keeping your waistline, and sanity, intact!

Expect the Unexpected

Some of the biggest perils you face during the holiday season aren’t due to one or two big meals; instead, it’s because everywhere you turn holiday treats appear without warning.

Like a pack of sugar-coated ninja.

You will be minding your own business, staying on track eating right and exercising on a regular basis, and going about your day when BAM! Out of nowhere you are being assaulted by sugar cookies, brownies, and chocolate.

They appear on the receptionist’s desk, in the break room, in the doctor’s waiting room, on store counters in the mall… even at the gym — no place is safe!

So what’s a well-intentioned person to do when those black-clad health assassins leap out of the shadows with a sugary snack attack?

You need to be prepared with a flipping sweet sword by traveling with your own munchies.

Look, we know that these sneak attacks are going to happen. So instead of being blind-sided, travel with your own snacks if you are the type of person who feels out of place not participating in group snacking activities.

A bag of raw almonds, some carrot sticks, home-made trail mix or a piece of fruit will satisfy your desire to eat with your co-workers or friends while at the same time helping you avoid the less healthy choices that might present themselves.

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The Truth About Detox Cleanses

12.09.2014 Health & Fitness

The Blueprint Cleanse Dr. Oz’s 48 Hour Cleanse The Clean Program The Wild Rose Detox The list of detox programs/diets/cleanses goes on and on! It is a massively lucrative market dominated by special juices, drink mixes, pills, absorbing pads, shampoos and a wide assortment of celebrity endorsed products. These toxin busting programs, whether you find […]

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It’s Time to Talk Nerd Tolerance…

11.13.2014 Geek Culture

That’s right. It’s time for #RealTalk. Nerds and geeks are a funny lot, we spend our entire lives being – Stereotyped Shamed for our “non-mainstream” interests Picked on for our physiques Made to feel uncool and unworthy of group acceptance And then we turn around and do the same thing to those around us! Honestly, […]

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Iron Rations: Healthy Popsicles

11.07.2014 Healthy Recipes

I get emails weekly from companies and websites that want to buy ad space, get endorsed via an article, or write guest posts to promote their own content/agenda… I turn 99.9% of them down. Why? Because I want only the best for my readers! While the extra $$$ would be nice, and it would definitely […]

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Almonds – A Super-Powered Healthy Snack

10.31.2014 Healthy Recipes

I pound down almonds like no-one’s business. One could almost say I eat the crap out of these tasty little nutrition bombs. If you are looking for a yummy and nutritious snack that requires zero preparation then you might want to pay attention to the words I am about to drop on the subject.

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The Walking Dead Workout

10.17.2014 Health & Fitness

  I love this time of year. Not only is Halloween right around the corner, but AMC’s The Walking Dead returned to the air last weekend too! It didn’t just return either; the season 5 premiere crushed it! With 17.3 million viewers tuning in, it was the most watched cable TV show of all time. […]

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Fitness Lessons from the Temple of Doom

10.13.2014 Health & Fitness

AKA What Dr. Indiana Jones taught me about life. Before I begin, I want to apologize to all you loyal readers out there. In case you haven’t noticed, a full 2 weeks has gone by since I dropped a dose of super heroic knowledge on the Internet. While I might be a gigantic nerd, my […]

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Prioritize Your Health!

09.19.2014 Health & Fitness

Show of hands; how many of you have said the following when faced with something you knew you should do? “I don’t have time.” Don’t lie. We’ve all said it before. Even yours truly! It’s almost become the default “Get Out of Jail Free” card. Have something you know you should do? As long as […]

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How to Fail at Fitness

09.12.2014 Health & Fitness

In case you hadn’t noticed, I spend a lot of time trying to help people get healthy. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to lose some weight, build some muscle, or just feel better about yourself; if you are willing to put in the effort I am willing to put in the time to help […]

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Iron Rations: Mango Chia Seed Pudding

08.29.2014 Healthy Recipes

I realized the other day, that while we have tons of recipes available here on the site, we don’t have any healthy desserts! So it’s time to fix that! The problem with desserts is that we expect them to be super sweet, and as any loyal reader of this site knows, sugar is the enemy! […]

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Product Review: Nike+ Sportwatch GPS

08.22.2014 Keys to Running

I’ve been running with the Nike+ SportWatch GPS for the past six months, using it regularly during my runs. While this product review is about the Nike+ SportWatch, there are takeaways to be had for any Jerd reader interested in GPS-enabled running watches. So What Is It? The SportWatch is a GPS-enabled device that tracks […]

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Superhero Fitness is Here!!!

08.20.2014 Health & Fitness

The geekiest (and most comprehensive) program you will ever see for helping to get you in shape and feeling better about yourself is now available! Find out how I can help you shed fat, build muscle and feel better about yourself RIGHT NOW!

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The Walking Dead Escape 2014… aka Nerds vs Zombies!

08.08.2014 Health & Fitness

I think that by now it is clear that nerds shall inherit the earth. But if that is true we might be in trouble because, in a lot of survival situations, I am pretty sure zombies > than most nerds! The Dilemma We geeks are often faced with an unfortunate dilemma when attempting to go […]

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How Chris Used the Riddle of Steel to Get Fit!

07.30.2014 Heroes Transformations

Editors Note: Since I am still recovering from San Diego Comic Con, and not entirely capable of writing more than a few coherent sentences, I thought it might be helpful to have a one of my geeky compatriots share some thoughts about health and fitness. So today, 1/3rd of the Geeked Out Fitness gang decided […]

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The Best Birthday Present I Could Ask For…

07.16.2014 Uncategorized

This past weekend I celebrated turning 42 surviving another year! I spent the weekend with a vigorous workout, enjoying the company of my family, selectively ignoring the gray hairs cropping up in my beard, and reflecting on life in general. While I often get caught up in the day-to-day, and complain about how little free […]

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