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Editor’s Note: A lot of you have been asking for tips on staying motivated, so I’ve asked Tim Ponticel to come by and offer up some ideas. Tim runs fitnessforprofessionals.com, a health and fitness website that helps young professionals shed excess body fat, get leaner and stronger, and boost their energy and confidence. Take it away Tim!

We’re two months into the New Year. It’s about time when many of you with New Years resolutions to get in shape start to lose motivation and give up on exercising and eating nutritious foods.

Then there’s the group of people who have been exercising and eating healthy for some time, but they’re motivation gas tank is running on empty. They’re quickly burning out and don’t know which way to turn.

Whichever group you’re in – this post is for you.

Most people lose motivation because they fail to see results.

It’s frustrating. And more often than not, it’s not their fault.

They were simply given a poorly designed roadmap.

But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about staying motivated when you feel like giving up. It’s about tapping into (or back into) that “inner game” so that you bust through the mental barriers that are keeping you from getting (or staying) fit and healthy.

Let’s get started. Here are 5 tips to stay motivated when you feel like giving up.
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LARPing 101 - Getting Fit the Nerdy Way 2 - The Jerd

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that I am a huge proponent of finding alternative fitness methods.

The first step to starting on a healthier path is eating a little better and getting out of your house and moving around!

But after that, the next thing that often comes to mind, when people think about “getting in shape” is starving themselves, eating nothing but salads, and running endless miles on a treadmill. And that sounds miserable and boring, doesn’t it?

Lucky for you, I am here to tell you otherwise!

You can definitely start your fitness journey by finding a geeky hobby you enjoy and burning off some calories without even realizing it.

One such hobby you can pick up is LARPing, or Live Action Role-Playing.

Now, truth be told, I don’t have much experience with this nerdy past-time other than watching the movie Role Models, so I have assembled a team of fake sword-wielding, bad-asses to educate us all on the subject and keep me from saying something stupid (not the easiest job in the world).

Today we are joined by three fantastic folks, all involved in different LARP organizations – Michael Surbrook, Kristin Brumley and Leslie Stewart.

So let’s see what they have to say about the hobby, how it can help you get in shape, where you can get started…

Oh, and how to unlock the secrets of +3 Cardio and -3 Flab!

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Essential Clean Eating Shopping List - Grocery Cart - The JerdOne of the biggest complaints I hear from people who say they want to eat healthier is that “It’s too hard!

I get it; if being fit and healthy were easy there would be no need for websites like this!

That’s why I keep coming up with new resources to make things easier, so you can save all your energy for crushing your workouts in the gym.

Regular readers should have already seen:

Well today I have another indispensable resource for you that should help make stocking your pantry with healthy and nutritious foods an easy task!

Remember, the food you put in your body is the fuel that keeps you going.

If you eat like crap you will feel, and look, like crap. End of discussion.

Making sure that a majority of the food you eat is nutrient rich means you will not only feel good, but you’ll start to see the results once these better food choices become a regular habit. Your diet is where it all begins; yes, exercise is super important but no matter how much you are in the gym you can’t outrun your fork.

So today I want to make your trips to the grocery store so easy, a caveman could do it (please don’t sue me Geico.)

Here’s my printable shopping list suggestions for your healthy, and clean-eating, needs!

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