Gym Bag Essentials

So a couple of weeks ago I asked on Twitter what topics people wanted me to tackle, and the #TeamHooman community came back with a bunch of requests; here’s the first one of the responses I want to tackle:

@MTW3ESQ“Have you done anything about gym bag contents? I run, but thinking of gym, 1st since HS, so new paradigm for gear/clothing.”

What a great topic, and one I can’t believe I haven’t tackled already!

I guess it is one of those things that I take for granted, but if you are new to the gym it is definitely something you should think about.

So below are my bare-bones essentials for what to pack in your gym bag. Oh, and a quick aside before we get started. Whatever you do end up packing in your gym bag, make sure you are doing it the night before and either leaving it next to your front door, or in your car. One of the most common reasons people skip their workouts is because “I forgot my gym bag.”

Don’t set yourself up for failure.

Plan ahead!

Now, on to what you should be stuffing inside of it… hint, it is not your cat.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Review

Aka – “The Better Late Than Never” Recap

Every year, after San Diego Comic-Con comes to a close, three things happen.

One, I get sad… really, really sad. Two, I immediately start making plans for next year. Three, I crack my knuckles and sit down to write about Nerd Prom.

Only this year I waited on number three. In fact I waited almost two months!

It’s not that I didn’t want to write about SDCC 2016, it’s that I wasn’t sure what to write.

Every year seems to fall into a theme for me:

But as I sat down at my keyboard, the week after returning home, I was having a hard time putting my finger on the common theme.

There were parts of it that definitely felt like the Year of Community II: The Wrath of Khan, but if I looked at it from a different perspective it was also very inspirational (and conversely full of setbacks and disappointments as well… but we aren’t talking about that today) and a bunch of other adjectives as well.

But nothing struck me as an overwhelming theme.

I guess, before I reveal what I finally figured out was the underlying theme of 2016 was, I need to stress that I had an absolute blast.

Once again it was 5 days of sheer nerd bliss!
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Getting Fit with Pokémon Go!

In two weeks, Nintendo has done more for fitness than anyone else in the last few years.

Somehow they have turned walking into a game everyone, not just nerds, enjoys.

Take a minute and think about that. Somehow, with nothing but a simple app and some cute digital creatures, Niantic has taken this Nintendo property and magically convinced people that walking around their neighborhood, or through local parks, is fun!

With Pokémon Go, life has become some sort of giant RPG-like scavenger hunt that everyone is playing.

In a month, Pokémon Go has become the number one mobile game in the world with over 75 million downloads worldwide.

I’m going to let that number sink in a minute.

That’s more than the population of Sweden, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, Cuba, Finland and Denmark combined!

So for the three of you out there not onboard the Pokémon train, here’s what it is all about:

Players use their phones to hunt and search for digital creatures (Pokémon) by getting out, and walking around, to find these creatures and capture them by throwing devices called Pokéballs at them. Players are rewarded for exploring new areas (as different Pokémon appear in different locations so finding all 151 types is a massive under-taking) as well for capturing and holding landmarks designated as Poké Gyms.

And if you are one of those people proudly proclaiming on the Internet how you are somehow above a harmless game that is getting people out of the house and being more social than you can go #$%@ yourself should read on.

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