A Guide To Proper Gym Etiquette

aka How Not To Suck At The Gym

I recently asked a bunch of people on Twitter what some of their biggest hurdles were in their desire to get in shape. The number one answer?

Being afraid of the gym.

I get it; new things can be scary. In no way do I want to discount your trepidation about stepping into a potentially intimidating environment.

But while at-home workouts are great to get you moving, get you on a regular exercise schedule, and preparing your muscles for the rigors of strength training, they will only get you so far.

Eventually, if you want to shed serious pounds and build muscle, you are going to have to get on a strength training program.

And more than likely, that is going to require joining a gym.

So let us take a minute and talk about the realities of going to the gym for the first time, proper gym etiquette, and getting over some of your fears.

Sound good?

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How To: Get Convention Fit

There are 60 days left until San Diego Comic-Con. That’s:

  • 60 days to get your legs ready to lap the San Diego Convention Center a gazillion times.
  • 60 days to get your back ready to stand in lines; oh so many lines.
  • 60 days to get your shoulders ready to carry all your sweet swag.

60 days.

Not a lot of time when you really think about it, is it?

Luckily, even if SDCC has crept up on you, you still have time to get yourself in convention-going shape!

Here are my tips for getting in Comic-Con shape, and getting the most out of your SDCC experience.

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Turn Your Life Into A Heroic Journey!

Do you remember what it was like being a kid?

Back when you weren’t concerned about bills, stress at work, or if your pants were getting too tight?

You just lived life.

And you probably grew up living it with reckless abandon; full of joy, wonder and dreams!

Dreams of exotic lands, fantasies of riding dragons, and plans to go off on glorious adventures…

Now, of course, some of them were unachievable or unrealistic (if anyone knows where I can tame and ride a dragon though, speak up. Now!) But I know way too many people who just straight up abandoned their hopes and dreams in response to “real life.”

And that makes me really sad.

Which leads me to my point… you may have noticed a distinct lack of articles this past month, that’s because I was off having adventures (and planning for a few more).

So we are going to talk about how to get started on your own heroic journey, and hopefully give you the kick in the pants necessary for you to venture out on your own epic quest!

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