The Mighty Jerd 104

Alright all you aspiring Jerds out there in Internet-land, it is time for yet another edition of “Get to Know the Mighty Jerd!

Over the past year I have been slowly mapping out exactly how I came to be such a Nerd of the highest order (my origin story if you will) by detailing all the things that piqued my interest as a small child, and how they influenced me growing up. Up until now they have been all about my geeky obsessions, the hobbies I partook in and the stuff I really enjoyed. Now, I know I promised to regale you all with tales of my awkward, early high school years (wait for it, it’s coming… I promise!) spent dreaming of becoming Batman, working at Renaissance Faires and comic book shops, all the while failing miserably to attract the fairer sex; I thought I would take things in a different direction today though.

If you haven’t followed along with the story so far, give The Mighty Jerd 101, 102 and 103 a read as well if you want to know all about the jock hiding behind the nerd curtain!

Why Sharks Scare the Crap Out of Me pt 1

While not one of my personal geeks, I know the horror genre is a big deal in the geek community at large. I can think of only two particularly significant times where this genre intersected with my childhood in a meaningful way:

  1. Watching the “Amityville Horror” as a small child and being convinced it was real. Growing up in an older home with a creepy basement and attic definitely helped my expansive imagination torture me for many a bed-time after seeing it… to this day I can’t remember how I saw it so young, as my parents were pretty overprotective of me, all I know is that it terrified me! Watching the movie now I wonder why it got to me so bad, as it is pretty laughable, but at the time it really freaked me out.
  2. Jaws“. I’m not going to beat around the bush here, as I briefly covered this back in The Mighty Jerd 103, but this book (and later the movie) forever scarred me and still terrifies me to this day. When people discuss their Top 5 Horror Movie of All Time lists it is always hovering around the top spot, vacillating slightly in position but always dominating most of the competition, and I think out of all the horror movies of its time it holds up the best to this day.

So rather than sit here and write paragraph after paragraph on exactly how this tale of a man-eating shark messed me up, I figured it would be easier to just tell you. Enjoy!

YouTube only captures the finest images!

So there you go, another glimpse into the mind of your good pal The Mighty Jerd. For all you horror fans out there, I’d really love to know what book or movie got into your head as a kid and has never let go of its stranglehold on the fear center of your brain. Let me know in the comments below!

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13 replies
  1. Tamsin
    Tamsin says:

    I avoid the horror movies as much as possible 🙂 I do remember being traumatised by Black Christmas at a slumber party, not that I can remember all the details anymore, but maybe that is what put me off horror movies 🙂

    • TheJerd
      TheJerd says:

      “Black Christmas” huh? Can’t say I know that one… I don’t usually find slasher flicks to be scary, it’s the psychological thrillers that get to me the most!

  2. Nicki Sanders
    Nicki Sanders says:

    I now avoid horror movies but have seen quite a few. Jaws was terrifying as was the first Nightmare on Elm Street. Anything with killer babies and killer dolls is strictly off limits! I couldn’t even watch Child’s Play commercials!

    • TheJerd
      TheJerd says:

      Hah! Don’t get me started on those creepy baby-dolls that used to be all the rage.. the ones with the eyelids that would snap open and shut? Gave me the heebie-jeebies as a kid!

  3. Tammie Young
    Tammie Young says:

    I was in love with horror movies as a kid, I stay away from them as much as possible now. I can remember being young, when satellite TV just came out, and sneaking out of bed with my sisters to watch movies while our parents slept. One that stuck out in my mind was The Re-Animator….I couldn’t watch the whole thing and my younger sisters picked on me so I forced myself to watch it…I was really freaked out by doctors after that.

  4. Donovan
    Donovan says:

    Jaws takes top spot in the scary category for me too! The music clip brought me right back! The 70’s and early 80’s definitely got into high gear with the scary genre. Hopefully we can overcome! 😉
    I think we can! Great story and video!


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